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Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is practiced worldwide by ISP companies. This has incorporated to restrict or throttle Internet Speeds on unlimited plans to prevent misuse or excessive use of bandwidth provided. FUP is aimed to ensure we provide a quality internet experience to all our customers and to ensure no customers are disadvantaged by the behavior of others. Providing unlimited Internet service increases the risk of few customers abusing the service and using most of the ISPs bandwidth which makes it difficult for ISPs to maintain quality for other customers who have moderate usage and are paying the equal amount of money. 

CGNET’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is only applicable on Individual subscriber’s packages. CGNET monitors excessive usage in a monthly cycle. Data usage is calculated by adding both download and upload data used every month.

There are three levels of speed throttling done depending on customer’s usage within a monthly cycle. At crossing Level 1 Fair Usage Quota threshold the client’s speed will be throttled to 50%, at Level 2 speed will be throttled to 30% and at level 3 speed will be throttled to 10%. If a customer has crossed the FUP Quota threshold, their data usage counter will reset at the first of every month and their Internet will return to its original speed.

FUP Level Data Usage Quota FUP Speed Policy
Original Data Bandwidth Data Consumption to 1900 GB 120 MBPS Original Speed
Level 1 Data Consumption 1900-2000 GB 50% of original
Level 2 Data Consumption2000-2100 GB 30% of original
Level 3 Data Consumption More than 2100 GB 10% of original